Mercy Brown [LP]

by Mercy Brown

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Produced by Mercy Brown
Recorded and mixed at Birdhouse Squirrel in Spokane, WA

Engineered and mixed by Chris Tanaka Canwell
Additional engineering by Josh Schultz
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege


released March 17, 2015

Sera Hatchett - Vocals
Chris Tanaka Canwell - Guitars
Josh Schultz - Bass
Lunden Herndon - Drums


all rights reserved



Mercy Brown Spokane, Washington

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Track Name: From the Sky
Track Name: Birds
Sail across the endless night for the gathering of mornings light
To tread the path of burning moons sorrow lays it down
Her gaze drawn from when the night begun, hollow and empty longing for the sun to rise, waiting for the bitter sight of dark
No light has shown upon her face that she’s seen or known
Wherever the sun will rise
Blinding love it will bring
Falling out from the sky
Wherever the white wind blows
From a world I’ll never know
Calling you home
Track Name: Red and Yellow
Cut throat feel no weakness burning
My conviction I keep closer
Torn by burden the fading sets deeper
Dismaying me in delusion
Taken close by the blood this room of white
Cuts through me

Hollow underground you won’t make a sound
(Red and yellow)
Laying in your fate, cradled in disgrace
You walk for another, I won’t follow you till
You follow me

Hindering to you thoughtless
Beckoning his orders to defile all your conscience
You have wasted all your years for the fallen
Silence now for is your suffrage
Uncoiling doubt of what fear I’ve had
Rips through me

Cutting through watch the light shine in
Hide away from you forever
Falling through with all you do
Hide away

Losing all your breath inside
To this kingdom back around
Tear your veil it’s all a lie
Bitter end to this all
Track Name: Where the Fire Is
You are not a demi god
The TV tells us lies
Brainwashed delusions of narcissistic cries
The country is hazardous with the things they do not know
The breeding of violence we watch the overflow

And I might be too aware of where the fire is
Suffering and kidding yourself
Fall down and crawl

Flashing lights and symbols are dancing all around
The makers of the poison are poisoning the sound
The failures of your ignorance will pave the way in gold
Pretension marks stupidity
So let it all unfold
Nothing shocks us anymore
Desensitize us all

And I might be too aware of where the fire is
Suffering and kidding yourself
Fall down and crawl

(Where the fire is)
Sitting on your razors
We hold you up to the sky
Smoking dollar bills you’re so much cooler than I
Like vicious poison vipers
We latch our teeth on your curse
Like dolled up painted nothings
But everyone is something
Walking advertisement
You think you get it all

I might be too aware of where the fire is.
Track Name: Hidden in Plain Sight
Don’t you see the delusion here?
Fear of mind
Tormenting the innocent is worth your time
Beg for all you want you’ll never get it back
Attention starving
You’re the one to blame
You should be ashamed
Don’t play dumb
Go and get my gun
Don’t you worry where you’ll go when you leave this life?
They are not my friends or foes just empty eyes
Things I can’t repeat
Laying at your feet
Pledge allegiance
Systematic whiplash the hounds are gnawing at your throat
Home of freedom
What is left of you that’s dying inside?
Who among you is willing to try?
Going with motions never satisfy while you reel yourself in
Feasting on those reality shows
The only life you can swim
Control is they want
Your soul is what they want
To leave you high and dry
And steal what you’re worth
So return the favor
Track Name: In the Dark
Go forth and see what brings the secret of eternity
At the stake they’ll burn
We’ll see all things come to light
(In the dark)
With hatred in their hearts
They make believe you can’t be heard shouting in the dark

Blank walls surround
This world is bound
Create new thought
Create while I’ve got
Emotion and pain
And life in you

Born from the ashes
Hear to please the masses
Lighter than a feather
With fire in their eyes
Hold us under your spell
Daily life on repeat
Never will I not see
All the wounds we are
Spirit life beings
Can’t you hear the words that speak truly?
We are made from all things of love
Covering your eyes to blind yourself from it
Craving home where we belong
(In the dark)
Born from the ashes
With hatred in their hearts
They make believe
You can’t be heard
Shouting in the dark
Track Name: News Complaint
Droned fake lies
Made to watch you die
Fed through mastication
Burning enterprise
Boiling fire
Bled through my despise
Colorful poisons injecting children’s minds
Said to be free
But dead internally
Rot you from the inside just you wait and see
Deep inside
Rot you from the inside

Watch this fall
Born to crawl
Feast on pain
(News complaint)
Go complain

Go eat your food
Do not be rude
Flames grow watch it snow
Rain pour beg for more

Deep inside
Rot you from the inside

Go eat your food
Do not be rude
Flames grow watch it snow
Rise fall born to crawl
Track Name: One (the Edge of)
To believe is to see
Under your skin, love within
Open your mind, lead me in
Go take control of the world we know
Forget all regret

Go where the water speaks with the trees
Shine like the stars over the earth
Cry out your thoughts, don’t lose all we got
Forbidden words scream inside
Track Name: Never Mind
Everything you said and embedded inside me
My heart aches and you’re drowning me instead
I sit and watch our world turn
And shake my bones
And rattle what we dare call our home
With this hand I’m given to hold
Only to pardon yourself from me
Never mind I will only worry
When you only worry me
It’s so easy for you to not see what I see
Track Name: Codependent
I want to reap with you
I want to sew with you
I want to crawl in you
I want to fall in you

I want a home with you
I want the son in you
If I could crawl inside
And be a part of you

Can we just be wasted?
Can you just feel the same?

You’re different now than you were before
Do not crucify this
You’re not you to me
You’re everything
Do not crucify this
Track Name: To the Sea
Track Name: Stigma
Our world is selfish and ripping apart you and me
Take the bones of family home and eat the ashes
Our world is facing a sky of fire and dancing in the twilight of disaster
What leaders are you to hold our hands?
When your perversion doesn’t meet their demands
Soon our starlit sky will turn black
What makers are we when men become what they see?
Vicious violent entities
Ghosts of the unknown and you call them heroes
We’re all starving and engorging ourselves